About Us

About Us 

Name:  Abubakar Chanda.
Email ID: chandaafzal07@gmail.com
Birth Date: 14th April 2005.
Education: learning in 11th standred in science field.
Hobbies: To write or define any subject in English language.
Favourite Language: English.
Nationality: Indian.

Hello Friends,

     I am Abubakar Chanda.  After my 10th, I get well prepared in English language.  I write blog on Essay and share my little bit knowledge by this blog in English.  You will get more knowledge from this blog which is off course free.  

     I have a passion to describe any subject in English.  I like English subject from 1st standard.

     Use full website for teachers. 

     If you have any query regrading this blog, advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact at chandaafzal07@gmail.com