Hard Work Essay for Children and Student in English| Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Essay for Children and Student in English| Hard Work Pays Off 

Hard Work pays off

     Hard word is one of the most useful key for success.  Without any struggle you never get success in your life.  To achieve any thing in our life, we need to do hard work.  All of you know that, the achievements without hard work are impossible.  Nothing is impossible to be achieved in life without doing any hard work.  Everyone is born for get success.  If you do more hard work, you will get more benefit.  Without any hard work you will not be able to do what you want in your life.

     Thomas Edisonwho is one of the greatest scientist who worked for twinty one hours a day, and take rest only three hours, Mahatma Gandhi ji, who is the piller of India work for the freedom of our country in a day and night.  There were not any holidays in their life still in any festival.  There is also a lot of people who are successful in their life and they become the example of successful person.  So we should want to follow their examples and stay motivated by their successful stories.

     In our life, We need to have proper planning to achieve any thing and any goal.  Hard Work is also called as real health and it gives the wealth also.  Hard always work pays off.  If you want to do any thing in your life then first off you should make sure that you want to achieve.  First things is that you want to take the experience of any things that you want, during this experience sometime you will fail some time you will get success, whatever it may be you do not want to get nervous.  In every struggles their is a big success which is hidden in this struggles.

     First of all, if you have laziness and tiredness then you should remove these things from you body because laziness and tiredness decrease you confidence.  To get success in your life, you want wockup at 5 a.m. in morning.  And want to do exercise daily.  In your life, if you want any things that to achieve the you should make plans to complete you goal. Every successful person follows this rule.  Don't stop in your life and you want to face any problems during you hard work till you success. Therefore every one say that if you struggled in your teen you will achieve any thing that you want.

     In short your hard, your information, your knowledge, your experience, your struggled gives the reward in your future.