Essay on Indian Farmers | Indian Farmer Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Indian Farmers | Indian Farmers Essay for Children and students in English 

Essay on Indian Farmers

    A person who did not think about his own life and do struggle for all our the world is called as farmer. There are so many farmers in India who did not think about their family and they work for all people of the country.  There are also an Indian farmers who lives very simple and respectful life.  Every farmers day begins with the rising of sun.  Farmer is the second name of hunger.  He has a simple breakfast with chapattis and tea. Then he milks the cows and buffallows in a greater amount and takes them out to graze.  Buffallws and the cows are the helper of the farmers.  During the day and night he works in the field like a machine.  He did not realize about summer season, winter season, rainy season ect. His work is to involves ploughing, weeding, sowing, watering or reaping.  He did not think about his health.  He works very hard in the farms.

     At the time of noon, he has his mid day meal.  He take a small nap or reats for a while under the shade of a tree.  He did not sleep deeply and regularly his sleep was not well due to the tention of the season.  Because when the season change sudden, it may have a great lose for all farmers. Thenafter just as the sun is about to set, he goes home by feeling tired.  After his evening meal he sits on charpai and take some rest.  Some of farmers friends may come over for a quiet talk sometime.  Farmers did not connected with the internet or technology.  Now a days, who did not have mobile he is tention free person.  Before he go to bed he prays to God for the farm.  He goes to bed  for sleep quite early.

     When farmers is not working on his fields, he repairs his tends and implements his cattle.  Farmers did not haemve time to spendwwith their family members.  They are ingrosed in the farm.  Farmers are the better half of our world.  They did not have sadness from there work.  There are so much things to tell about the hardwork of farmer, wwe are unable to describe him by a pencil or pen in book.  They did not shey by working in farm.  They are very serious. But in some situations, such as such as storm, heavy rain etc they got a lot of loss.  But he did not loos his confidence, he always try to do his work on time. The farmer earns a very little money from the farming and leads a hard and happy  life, but he is generally glad every time and contented with what he gets.